Puppies are Contagious

A while ago my friend was talking about how much he wants a dog. I’ve always been around dogs, I enjoy their company, but I never considered myself a “dog person.” I wanted a dog or two when I was older and had my own place, but primarily for protection and not so much companionship. However, it eventually became evident that dogs are service animals for a reason…turns out those tens of thousands of years by our side has made them really good companions for people! Having a properly trained canine companion at my side, I and my doctors speculate, could really help me. So I hopped onto the puppy train and will be getting my little Marlon in two weeks.

Shortly after I put the deposit down on Marlon, my friend found a dog at a shelter he works at and fell in love with this huge pit cross who probably weighs 50 pounds and isn’t even remotely done growing yet. So now my friend has fully climbed aboard the puppy train, as well.

Well, my mom’s been wanting a playmate for her rambunctious dog for a little while now. Me getting Marlon and bringing him home will be really good for Roo, my mom’s red heeler, because Roo has so much energy but not someone with an equal or greater amount of energy to play with. However, I’m only home for 3 months, and then Marlon and I will head back to school. Apparently my father, a man notorious for not being an animal fan (which makes the fact that he married my mother an incredible paradox), has started talking about how sad it will be not having a puppy around and how lonesome Roo will probably feel, so apparently he, the man’s whose catch phrase is “we have to many god damned animals!” wants to get a puppy after I return to school with Marlon.

This has lead me to one very important and undeniable conclusion: Puppies are contagious.


Bonus photograph of Roo, my mom’s dog, by my sibling (lacking-rhythm @ tumblr)


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