Play Date

I’m a very enthusiastic “pet parent,” and while I hate shopping for myself, shopping for my animals is always very enjoyable for me. So, when I stumbled upon a very interesting toy currently under development both the pet-parent and tech-lover side of me got excited!


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It’s called the PlayDate, and it’s a brilliant idea. It’s design to be remotely controlled from a smart phone or similar device, and it includes a camera so you can see your pet, and a two-way mic so you can hear and talk to your pet.

For me this doesn’t just sound great because I can check in on my little ones while I’m away, but it can actually help alleviate my anxiety symptoms while I’m away from them. Even though the psychological benefits for the owner aren’t part of the marketing, it really is something to be considered!

Just wanted to share this with everyone as I’m betting I’m not the only one who’d love this!

Check out their IndieGoGo page!