Two Birds Are Better Than One

When I got Gibbous I had been planning already on getting a cockatoo, hoping to get a baby so that I could properly socialize it and, with time, have it accustomed to travel so that it could accompany me everywhere. Well, instead I fell in love with a¬†frightened little conure, so I ended up with Gibby. I love Gibby to pieces, but he’s had a very rough start in life and I recognize that he will likely never be comfortable traveling on a day-to-day basis with me around town. I cannot be with him 24/7, and this isn’t fair to him. In the wild conures form close knit bonds with their flock, and with their mate, and they never really leave each other’s side.

It is hardwired into Gibby to be with his companion 24/7, to never leave their side. Since he’s only two years old, he’s not yet sexually mature, but he is old enough to start looking for a lifelong companion. As much as it saddens me, I know I cannot be that companion because I cannot constantly be with him. I’m a college student, I have classes to go to and, eventually, a part-time job to take up time. Not to mention that Gibby can live to be 40 years old, so by the time I have my own home and a full time job, maybe even a little human family to take care of, Gibby will still be rather young. The simple fact of the matter is that Gibby needs another bird.

I can’t choose the bird. They don’t usually form overnight bonds. The way birds form relationships isn’t too different from how we do. They need to meet each other and actually spend some time with one another. They need to get to know one another. I cannot just get a bird, bring it home, and expect Gibby to immediately love it, and for it to love Gibby. We all know blind dates don’t tend to go too well! So instead I must hope Gibby quickly accepts harness training, and then bring him to the local shop where they allow birds to interact with each other, and see if he can pick out a particular parrot. If they get along well, then I hope for the best and bring it home.

Chances are Gibby will lose a lot of interest in me once he has a feathered mate, and the other parrot will likely, as well, but I don’t mind. I never got Gibby to make me happy, I got him to¬†give him a better life, and that is absolutely what I plan to do.


Photograph of Gibbous taken by my sibling (lacking-rhythm @ tumblr)